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Apex Laboratories LLC update on local response to COVID-19 pandemic – Apex Labs is Open

Since Apex Laboratories provides critical testing services that directly impact human health and the environment, our laboratory remains open for business and ready to serve our community. Apex Laboratories is taking internal precautions to safeguard the health of all staff members and clients at our facilities. We are not accepting any visitors that do not have specific preapproved, mission-critical business purpose to enter our facilities. Samplers have been quite considerate of six-foot distancing requirements and our client office for completing paperwork is being regularly wiped down for added protection. Please contact our Project Managers directly for any project specific questions.

In light of the rapidly evolving situation, should anything change we will send an updated announcement.

We’re taking precautions to safeguard the health of our clients, our community, and one another. We’re acting in accordance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, as well as state and local agencies. We’ve canceled non-essential business travel, adhering to best practices for hygiene, and requiring employees who are ill or who suspect exposure to COVID-19 to undergo-quarantine. We’re also monitoring these agencies for updates on the latest information and protocols.

We understand our clients are concerned about protecting human health and the environment and need known data to make the best possible decisions for their communities:

• Apex Laboratories will not make specific promises regarding turn-around times for results and meeting hold-times. We have a strong history of meeting both and will act prudently and proactively to maintain our professional standards. We will adapt as the situation changes, taking steps to promote seamless operation and reduced risk to employees, their families, the community, and our clients.

• We will do everything in our power to provide you with the ability to communicate with us. For those clients that are used to onsite training and assistance with SAPs and project planning, these services can be scheduled and supported online.

• Considering many unknown variables, we expect that we will be reaching out to you periodically as information needs to be updated. Your emails and calls to us are welcome at any time.

Full Service Laboratory

A wide range of Organic and Inorganic regulatory analyses are available at Apex Laboratories, performed according to EPA, State, ASTM and Standard methods for a variety of matrices. Apex is also able to accommodate method development, bench studies and validation for special projects.


Apex Laboratories, Inc. is a privately owned, independent, full-service environmental laboratory offering unprecedented personalized service and analytical expertise. Its establishment in 2006 brought together personnel with decades of experience and a common goal to rise above the mass-production approach of large laboratory chains. Our team of over 60 professionals share the philosophy that client relationships are important to understanding project needs, and samples are not just lab I.D. numbers to our analysts but key pieces needed to solve environmental puzzles.


The laboratory is designed to process samples efficiently, consistently, and effectively. Apex operates within a 36,000 sq. ft. facility with separate areas specifically designed for each analytical department and equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation and data acquisition software. Flexible spaces allow the ability to add capacity to respond to environmental spills and emergencies. Whether you need fast turn-around time for real time decisions or specialized method development and validation for unusual sample matrices, Apex Laboratories can provide.

Project Management / Data Reporting

Apex serves a wide range of clientele and offers a broad spectrum of services related to environmental analysis, from providing bottle kits and courier service to helping develop a Sampling & Analysis Plan. We provide a variety of report options: analytical reports in electronic format (.pdf) or hard-copy, EPA level IV like data packages, and Electronic Data Deliverables able to interface with different types of data management systems. Apex will work with you up front to make sure that your project requirements are met and your expectations exceeded.

Quality Assurance

Apex maintains laboratory certification under Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP ID: OR100062), Washington State Department of Ecology (Laboratory ID: C903) and California Water Boards Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP ID: 1988). Our quality assurance system includes the following elements to ensure accurate, defensible data:
· Quality control criteria maintained through our Element® datasystem
· Established data review and documentation protocols
· Standard operating procedures for all analyses and supporting activities
· External audits by regulating authority and clients
· Semi-annual performance evaluation studies
· Maintenance of personnel training records, including code of ethics, Demonstrations of Capabilities (DOC) and Limit of Detection (LOD) studies
· Annual ethics training refresher courses are provided for all staff.

Analytical Services

Apex offers a wide range of analyses by approved EPA methods for a variety of matrices. We are also able to accommodate method development and validation for special projects.
Apex Laboratories uses Element Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Direct data uploads from the laboratory instruments to the LIMS reduces the opportunity for errors and speeds the data entry process. Capture of extensive instrument QC provides for a second level of review. Custom reporting modules allow for flexible report design. Electronic Data Deliverables are available in a variety of formats from simple Text and Excel© format to EQUIS, ESDAT, EIM packages, along with custom EDD development.

Courier Services

Quick and convenient courier services are available throughout the greater Portland area. Services include bottle delivery as well as sample pickup, maintaining integrity of your samples throughout the transfer process.


6700 SW Sandburg St.
Tigard, OR 97223 


Phone: +1 (503) 718-2323